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Unearthing Mars Gets Asian Release Date for PlayStation VR

There’s still no confirmation on a western release date.

Back in July during Sony Interactive Entertainment’s (SIE’s) PlayStation VR Asia Conference, the company revealed several virtual reality (VR) titles being created for PlayStation VR. One of these was Unearthing Mars by Taiwanese developer Winking Entertainment. Now the videogame has been given a January 2017 release date, but currently only for Asian markets.

Announced on the Asian PlayStation.BlogUnearthing Mars is a sci-fi adventure set on the Red Planet. Humanity has sent carrier-class spacecraft Sentra to Mars, tasked with retrieving remnants of the missing satellite Phobos. Instead they begin to discover the remnants of an ancient civilization. Players take on the role of Sentra’s co-pilot, who having decided to force a landing onto the Mars surface during a sandstorm must now explore it to unearth the many mysteries that lay in wait.

Unearthing Mars screenshot

Mixing first-person shooting (FPS) and puzzle-solving elements, Unearthing Mars mixes up several gameplay genres and will have players driving a Mars rover whilst taking on advanced civilizations.

Unearthing Mars will be available on 19th January, 2017 for PlayStation VR. While there’s been no confirmation of a western release as yet, Winking Entertainment has ensured support for English voices and subtitles, so it’s a good possibility.

For any further news on Winking Entertainment, keep reading VRFocus.

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