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View WebVR Content with Oculus VR’s Carmel

Oculus VR’s official VR web browser, Carmel, is now available as a developer preview.

Oculus VR has announced the launch of a developer preview programme for the company’s upcoming WebVR application, Carmel. Officially announced at Oculus Connect 3, San Jose, earlier this year, Carmel is a virtual reality (VR) browser designed to bring web content into VR via head-mounted displays (HMD).

Carmel Developer Preview logo

WebVR content can include both immersive 3D scenes built with the WebGL and WebVR APIs, as well as enhanced 2D web experiences running in VR. This can range from traditional page-based viewing experiences to fully 3D, immersive content. Using Carmel, now available to developers, new experiences can be built to take advantage of the unique properties of HMDs.

As new HMDs and other VR devices are released over time, the Carmel frameworks will automatically upgrade content to work well across all browsers and devices, both in and out of VR. Developers can create WebVR content today without access to a WebVR-capable browser through access to the latest WebVR APIs allowing for testing though the Gear VR HMD.

The Carmel Developer Preview is now available as a Gallery app for Gear VR on the Oculus Store. Launching Carmel will immediately drop you into a WebVR-based built-in Online Gallery, giving you the opportunity to explore a few of the experiences Oculus VR has made available, with more content promised for the future.

Carmel Developer Preview App

No timeframe for a full consumer rollout of Carmel has yet been announced, though Carmel isn’t currently under a strict lockdown. For more details on the use of Carmel visit the official blog from Oculus VR, and VRFocus will keep you updated with future WebVR initiatives.

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