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Always VR Film

VR Short Film ‘Always’ Tells a Modern Day Tale of Friendship

Here Be Dragons has launched another VR short film, Always, available now.

Here Be Dragons, formerly known as Vrse.works, has launched a new short film for virtual reality (VR) enthusiasts. The fully 360-degree motion-picture, Always, is a story-driven experience which follows the success of tie-in properties such as the Mr. Robot VR experience.

Always VR Film

The latest collaboration between Here Be Dragons and Stubhub, Always tells the story of a young woman struggling to overcome the distractions of work and daily life in the hope of reconnecting with her lifelong best friend, one last time.

Frederik Frizell, COO of Here Be Dragons, served as the Executive Producer on the piece which was directed by Hal Kirkland, who has previously worked on video projects for Led Zeppelin, OneRepublic and Coca-Cola.

Always is available to download now via the Within app, compatible with a number of different VR head-mounted displays (HMDs). VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest VR motion-picture productions from Here Be Dragons.

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