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CoSpaces Collaboration in VR © Delightex

CoSpaces Adds Blockly to Early Access Program

Scripting in CoSpace just got easier with Blockly.

There are several videogame engines that developers can use to create virtual reality (VR) experiences. Generic behemoth’s such as Unity and Unreal Engine are the most well known, but VRFocus has covered others including Delightex’s 3D visualization tool CoSpaces. Recently the developer introduced the visual programming language Blockly to their Early Access Program for scripting.

Designed to be easy to use for those that aren’t experienced programmers, with the introduction of Blocky to CoSpaces users will now be able to script with ease. Blockly is based on building blocks with functions such as moving an object or scheduling an action are represented by them. These blocks can be dragged into the code editor with the drop-down menus and the input fields inside the blocks used to set the values – for example, to define which object a command refers to or how long an animation should be executed. All these blocks can easily be combined to form more complex scripts.

CoSpaces - Blockly

The experiences programmed with CoSpaces can be viewed either on a computer or with the mobile app, the latter allowing users to view their project in VR using Google Card style headsets. These can then be shared with a link and explored by others, ideal for students and kids exploring videogame production.

CoSpaces is currently running Blocky through its Early Access Program, with dedicated a button unlocking access in the account management tab on the dashboard. When officially launched, the scripting feature is going to be part of the paid PRO subscription for CoSpaces.

While Google Cardboard is the only supported headset currently, Delightex is working on support for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Samsung Gear VR.

For the latest news on CoSpaces, keep reading VRFocus.

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