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Crowdfunding In VR: NOLO VR Begins Kickstarter Campaign

Motion tracking system is the latest VR project to seek funds on Kickstarter.

With HTC Vive primarily flying the flag the desire for roomscale virtual reality (VR) experiences grows steadily. As does the amount of companies looking to bring them to the consumer. The latest to do so is Califonian company LYRobotix who have brought a new front-facing, room scale motion tracker to Kickstarter.

NOLO VR Set + Box Packaging

Called NOLO VR and consisting of two controllers, a base station and a headset marker, according to the makers it will be a bring six degrees of freedom tracking in a 13ft squared space, operating at low latency. LYRobotix also promises that it will be compatible with PC systems operating SteamVR and Android-based mobile VR headsets such as Google Cardboard. The controllers and base station being designed to work out of the box with any headset that is Android based and will operate on battery for 7 hours.

Setting a price point of $99 (USD) LYRobotix are attempting to provide a budget alternative to the solutions already on the market.

“With NOLO VR, you can put on your mobile headset and interact with the environment naturally, turning the usual passive VR experience into an active one.” Explains LYRobotix COO and Co-Founder Lisa Zhao.

At the time of writing NOLO VR has already surpassed it’s initial $50,000 (USD) goal by nearly $25,000 and continues to gain support with 38 days still to go on the campaign. VRFocus will bring you more news on the project when the campaign finishes.

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