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G2A Land art

G2A Land Hurtles onto Oculus Rift

Ride rollercoasters and take on shooting ranges with G2A.com’s first VR experience.

Way back in 2015 G2A.com, an online retailer of videogames and other related items revealed development of its own experience, a virtual reality (VR) theme park called G2A Land. While the experience has featured at several events, originally G2A Land was supposed to launch alongside the Oculus Rift. That didn’t happen, but almost a year later the videogame has now arrived for the head-mounted display (HMD).

Theme park titles tend to lean towards a more management style of gameplay – like Theme Park Studio and Rollercoaster Dreams – G2A Land goes for a more traditional angle, with games to play and roller coasters to ride on. G2A Land is split into five areas, Underwater World, Shooting Range, Great Cinema, Gotham VR and roller coaster. The names are fairly self explanatory with Underwater World taking players on a trip to the ocean depths, admiring sunken galleons, coral reefs, sea turtles and much more. The Shooting Range puts players in a wild west themed range, taking out targets with dual wielding pistols. Great Cinema allows videos to be viewed in a cinema setting, while the roller coaster takes gamers on a high speed thrill seeking ride. Finally there’s Gotham VR, in which players take control of the famous super hero’s bat bike, racing through the city streets as fast as possible.

G2A Land Artwork

G2A Land should be moderately comfortable for most players – just watch out on that roller coaster – and it’s downloadable via the Oculus Store for £7.99 GBP.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of G2A.com and its future VR plans, reporting back with any further updates.

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