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G’Audio Lab Unveils New Audio Solutions For VR/360 Degrees Video

We’ve mentioned or discussed a number of times on VRFocus about the importance, not just of visual fidelity in virtual reality (VR) but of audio as well. Sound quality can make or break an experience in just the same way as the look. As such a new release from Los Angeles-based studio G’Audio Lab is looking to provide an additional audio solution for VR and 360 degree video content in the form of G’Audio Works.

G'Audio Lab / G'Audio Works

Features include support for the simultaneous use of three audio signals to create realistic sound with environmental ambience. Incorporating simple mono tracks, traditional 2.0 or 5.1 channel-based tracks and so-called ‘ambisonics’ to deliver sounds captured by 360° microphones. It also includes the G’Audio Lab’s own patented binaural rendering technology and suite of tools. Real-time editing and off-line bouncing are also supported.

Speaking on the release, G’Audio Lab’s CEO and founder Henney Oh said, “We’re passionate about empowering VR content creators across the film, animation and gaming industries to produce more immersive experiences, which require fully interactive 3D audio to support 3D video components. Works delivers unparalleled freedom for mixing multiple audio signals to create the most realistic sounds possible.”

“While today’s 3D movies and interactive video content are successfully immersing users in a simulated experience, there’s still a void in the market for audio solutions that can deliver truly interactive sound,” continues Oh. “We are filling that void by offering the interactive 3D audio tools needed to cultivate better and more dynamic sound experiences with any regular headphones.”

Interested parties can find G’Audio Works available a free download from the company website. A tutorial video can also be found below. VRFocus will bring you more news on new audio and visual VR solutions soon.


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