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GDC 2017 State of the Game Industry Survey

GDC Unveils State of The Game Industry Survey 2017, HTC Vive Dominates Devs Preferred Headset

Most VR developers are very keen on the Vive from these results.

2017 has only just started and there’s been plenty of news virtual reality (VR) news from CES, as well as several surveys looking at the state of the industry. These have included VR First, YuMe and Sketchfab. Noe the Game developer Conference (GDC) has released its State of The Game Industry Survey 2017, revealing a developers viewpoint on the videogame industry including VR.

This is the fifth annual State of the Industry Survey collating data from more than 4,500 game developers. In terms of VR and augmented reality (AR) platforms the survey indicates the HTC Vive has become the most popular head-mounted display (HMD) to develop for.

While the VR industry has experienced significant growth over the last few years it’s still a niche area of the videogame market, and 61 percent of surveyed developers are not currently developing VR titles. Out of the ones that are 24 percent are currently making games on HTC Vive headset, 23 percent are supporting Oculus Rift, with 13 percent supporting Sony Interactive Entertainment’s PlayStation VR. GDC 2017 State of the Game Industry Survey - VR Platforms

As for the future, when devs were asked which VR/AR platform they expected their next game – after their current project – would be released on, 40 percent said they were planning to support HTC Vive for their next title, 37 percent for Oculus Rift, and 26 percent said PlayStation VR.

One of the big debates in the VR industry currently revolves around exclusivity, and whether VR headsets should have titles that are exclusive. Out of the developers who are working in VR, 39 percent said that their next project would not be exclusive, with 11 percent of respondents revealing they were working on a platform exclusive. Out of those developers 33 percent said their next project would be exclusive to HTC Vive, 24 percent for Oculus Rift, and PlayStation VR came in last again with 15 percent.

But its the general interest level in each of the major VR/AR headsets that shows the biggest difference, significantly putting HTC Vive in the top spot. 45 percent said HTC Vive held the most interest, 30 percent indicated Oculus Rift, while just 29 percent marked PlayStation VR.

GDC 2017 State of the Game Industry Survey - VR Platform Next Game

GDC 2017 State of the Game Industry Survey - VR Platform Most Interesting

GDC 2017 takes place from Monday, 27th February to Friday, 3rd March, 2017 at the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco, California. For the latest news from the event, keep reading VRFocus.

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