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Samurai Sword VR screenshot 2

Head into Ancient Japan When Samurai Sword VR Hits HTC Vive this Month

The ninja title arrives on 30th January.

The HTC Vive’s motion controllers are a natural fit for melee – particularly sword – gameplay, which lots of developers have explored in different ways. Later this month Japanese studio SAT-BOX will be releasing its take on titles such as Fruit Ninja VR, Zenblade and Beat Ninja with Samurai Sword VR

Just as the previously mentioned videogames, player have to build their points up by slicing through as many objects as possible, but there’s no fruit involved. Instead the objects all represent traditional Japanese culture (in most respects), with bamboo, masks, vases, and even fish popping up to get sliced, basically if its there you can split it in two.

Samurai Sword VR screenshot 1

Published by Degica Games (Sayonara Umihara Kawase), Samurai Sword VR includes seven stages to work through, such as an ancient Japanese town, a cherry blossom lined field, a bamboo forest, and more. As well as those levels two kunai and shuriken only levels to test players throwing skills are also included.  Just to round it all of the developer has added an boss battle in a Japanese castle.

Checkout the first trailer below prior to Samurai Sword VR’s release on 30th January via Steam.

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