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Hubblo Announcing 4K Live-Streaming Camera at CES 2017

The 360-degree camera will retail for $1000.

Expect a deluge of news this week as CES 2017 opens its doors on Thursday 5th. Prior to that tech companies are already teasing announcements of what visitors can expect to get their hands on for the first time. Debuting at the event is Hubblo, a Hong Kong-based startup that’ll be showcasing its high-end 360-degree camera, Hubblo.

The official unveiling of the Hubblo VR camera will take place on Friday 6th, with company founder and CEO Eric Tsang introducing the platform. “Hubblo makes it simple for anyone to virtually share an experience and communicate at the same time,” said Tsang, reports Venture Beat. “Artists, performers, event hosts, and anyone who wants to expand their audience beyond a physical location can simply do it with the push of a button.”

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Details revealed so far include live-streaming in 4K, achieved with three pairs of 200-degree fish-eye lenses, all for $1000 USD.  The recorded data from the cameras can then be stitched and processed in real time.

“We wanted to deliver an all-in-one package: 4K live streaming and great stitching, 360-degrees and full 3D vision, affordability and great design,” commented Tsang. “We are making products for two to three years in the future, not copying something that already exists. Our core innovation is to do with video streaming quality and immersiveness; this tech is at least one year ahead of the market.”

Able to be used either handheld or mounted on a tripod, the Hubblo VR camera is smaller than an iPhone 6 and can operate for around an hour on a single battery charge. Hubblo plans to begins shipping the camera in Q1 2017, with plans to launch a crowdfunding campaign to help build interest and offer discounts to early adopters.

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