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Immerex Partners with CloudMinds to Create a ‘Next-Generation’ VR Experience

The collaboration will result in native virtual assistance for Immerex’s HMD.

Today  Immerex Inc. and CloudMinds Technology Inc. have announced a partnership to create a next-generation entertainment experience using virtual reality (VR) and artificial intelligence (AI).

The collaboration will mean the two companies will share industrial resources, technical and personnel expertise, as well as university intellectual property (IP) and development resources to build a richer, more interactive VR platform enabled by CloudMinds’ secure, intelligent cloud.


“We see great synergies between CloudMinds and Immerex, both leaders in their respective fields who share the same vision,” said Kirin Lee, CEO of Immerex. “Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Immerex is home to some of the brightest minds in the AR/VR industry, with deep cooperation with world-class research institutions. Immerex also has created a library of premier exclusive VR content. By collaborating with CloudMinds and its intelligent cloud platform and network, we can offer consumers an unprecedented VR experience.”

“Collaborating with Immerex will help us to deliver a compelling user experience to customers,” said Bill Huang, CEO of CloudMinds. “We envision our AI technology helping consumers interact with robots and VR accessories in the most natural way—using voice via natural language processing (NLP) and automatic speech recognition (ASR). We see this as only the beginning of a very exciting venture into transforming the entertainment industry.”

Presently the two companies haven’t released any further details on the ‘next-generation platform’, but it’ll involve a synergy with Immerex’s head-mounted display (HMD) which it first showcased at E3 2016 back in June 2016.

As VRFocus learns more about the new platform, we’ll keep you updated.

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