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Ski Sport: Jumping screenshot

Jump into Skiing on HTC Vive

Ramotion Inc. bring winter sports to HTC Vive today, also coming to Oculus Rift.

Sports videogames in virtual reality (VR) are becoming more common, thinks largely to the increasing adoption rate of the HTC Vive and the launch of Oculus Touch motion-controllers for the Oculus Rift last month. A new release from Ramotion Inc., Ski Sport: Jumping, today joins the line-up as a Steam Early Access title.

Ski Sport: Jumping screenshot

Ski Sport: Jumping claims to offer an ‘immersive winter environment and realistic physics’. The videogame challenges players to use practiced skills to change the position of your body, and thus influence the speed at which you travel in order to beat your own records.

“We think Ski Sport is a perfect fit for early access. We implemented a basic set of features and beautiful environment so you can get an authentic jumping experience,” states the official Steam page for Ski Sport: Jumping. “Since VR is an emerging area, we want to iterate on a live audience, getting real feedback and experiments out in public to get the best results.

“Right now Ski Sport has one snowy mountainside location. It has a classic Olympic ski-jumping ramp… Ski Sport will continue to grow through a series of experiments responding to what the community is enjoying.”

Ski Sport: Jumping screenshot

The developers outline the future updates for Ski Sport: Jumping, which will at first include additional locations and multiplayer gameplay. Ski Sport: Jumping is available as a Steam Early Access title for HTC Vive now, with Oculus Rift support also planned. A full release version is currently expected this summer, and VRFocus will keep you updated with the latest details on Ski Sport: Jumping plus any other VR projects from Ramotion Inc.

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