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VR in the courtroom

Lamber Goodnow Brings VR to the Courtroom

The team will use VR to protect the rights of their clients.

Virtual reality (VR) can be used to immersive someone into any environment possible. Whilst its been used by the video game industry to put gamers in fantastical virtual worlds, the tech’s being utilised by companies across the world for training and learning purposes. Now VR has begun making inroads into the legal industry with Phoenix-based Lamber Goodnow implementing the technology for use in cases.

The team has begun using VR on a number of pending cases to help transport judges and juries into recreated scenes, allowing them to be virtually at a crash site for example.

“As a lawyer, one of the biggest challenges faced in a case is showing the decision makers or jury what actually happened at a crime scene or at the precise moment of impact during a catastrophic injury,” commented personal injury lawyer Marc Lamber. “In the old days, I’d use demonstrative exhibits, visual aids and witness statements in an attempt to ‘transport a jury to an accident scene.’ With virtual reality, not only can I transport jurors to the accident scene, I can put them in the car at impact.”

VR in the courtroom

Using an Oculus Rift, Lamber Goodnow employs a group of engineers and legal experts to recreate an accident scene as precisely and accurately as possible. That information is then translated into a 3D experience by production company, Kitchen Sink Studios, which the viewer is then able to ‘witness’ in VR.

“VR technology is a game-changer for the legal industry,” said attorney James Goodnow in a statement. “Juries, judges and decision makers can now be immersed in 3D worlds that will bring a scene to life in ways never before possible — which hopefully helps bring them closer to the truth.”

With offices in Phoenix, Denver and Chicago, the Lamber Goodnow team practices in the area of catastrophic personal injury and wrongful death litigation. “We’re excited to be offering this cutting-edge technology to our clients,” adds Lamber. “VR means that you will never look at a case the same way again.”

If this use of VR does catch on, VRFocus will bring you the latest updates.

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