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Life In 360° / 360 Degree Video

Life In 360°: An Angel Delight

No, We’re not talking deserts here. We’re stepping back into Christmas…

Hard to believe it but CES is in the books again for another year and January is already marching on. However, if, now you’re a worker back in the office, you are pining for the Christmas holidays we’re going to wind the clock back a few weeks today for one last festive frolic.

The video, published by NorthEast VR, is relatively simple. A nighttime 360 degree flight above the snow blanketed hills, frosted pine trees and ice covered roofs of a small village. You do have some company though. If you look around though you’ll quickly notice you have some company on your moonlight jaunt through the streets.

It seems this is one angel not content to stay on top of the Christmas tree…

Life In 360º will of course be back on Wednesday. In the meantime we’ve plenty of news and features to pass the time. So check back on VRFocus regularly.


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