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The Peoples House Inside the White House with Barack and Michelle Obama

Life In 360°: To Live In America’s Home

“This house belongs to you, and to every American.”

Good morning all and welcome to another busy week in the realm of virtual reality (VR). We start, as always, with our first scheduled visit to the category of 360 degree video. I say scheduled as I’m sure you know there’s more than the three Li360 videos that go up during the week usually. However, those are more of a circumstance of the announcements that take place.

For today’s video we head back to a story we mentioned on Friday, but owing to historical significance it is certainly worth repeating. We’re back to The White House, as the tenure of President Obama comes to an end. No, not for the much publicised farewell in 360 degrees, but for another video put out by The White House in collaboration with Oculus and Felix and Paul Studios but equally noting the end of the Obama era before the inevitable ushering in of the Trump administration.

At eight minutes long the video crisscrosses the grounds of the residence of America’s leader and also features both President Obama and Michele Obama. As the video moves from narration to a one-on-one setting they give historical and personal notes on what it means to move into The White House.

VRFocus will be back on Wednesday with your next trip to Life In 360° but there’s bound to be plenty people will say about the tech in the meantime. So check back throughout the day for the very latest.

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