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Northway Games Release Final Update for Fantastic Contraption, Adds Level Editor

Northway Games will be moving on from the puzzle title.

Developed in partnership between Northway Games and Radial Games, Fantastic Contraption has been one of the most well received virtual reality (VR) titles of the past year – VRFocus gave it a respectable 4 stars. This week the studio announced the launch of its latest update, Anti-Oppenheimer 1.6.0 for the videogame, also revealing it would be the last.

In a posting via Northway Games’ blog, the team has unveiled new features as well as tweaks and improvements to polish off the title. The major addition has been the inclusion of a level editor, so that players have a whole new level of creativity to to explore. Puzzles can be created, named, then uploaded for anyone to play, and as an added extra Northway Games has included some extras of its own ‘that didn’t make the official cut, or that we’ve been inspired to create since trying out the new editor’, it said.

That’s it in terms of additional content, the developer has confirmed it doesn’t have any more major updates in the works, instead it’ll be moving on to something new – although no details have yet been released. Fantastic Contraption will still be maintained and support for PlayStation VR is incoming later this year.

Checkout the entire changelog and video below for all the update details. VRFocus will continue its coverage of Northway Games, reporting back with any further announcements.

Full Anti-Oppenheimer Changelog:

  • New Level editor! To use it, first put on the helmet, then put on the creepy mask in the corner and ring the bell for a tutorial. User-made levels can be shared online and loaded via the save table just like contraptions.
  • New Mouthmoth keyboard lets you name contraptions and levels, and search by contraption / level name
  • Added interactive art elements to side of maquette and Kaiju scale
  • Autohide the companion desktop menu and limit desktop display framerate
  • Show purple building bounds if cheating detected during tutorial
  • Hide black sphere during startup
  • Improve look of pins on Neko’s head
  • Adjust some sky characters
  • Sky color variation
  • Sounds for items including non-spinning green wheels and eyeballs
  • Disable musical sounds if you’re holding an item
  • Tweaked throw force for Kaiju scales
  • Improved haptics
  • Improved tutorial text font
  • Optimized first person companion view smoothing
  • Optimized avatar shadows
  • Optimized Twitch panel memory usage
  • Fixed some menus not updating when language changes
  • Fixed models disappearing after you drop them on a save table shelf
  • Fixed Button the Dog ghosting
  • Fixed disappearing Neko eyes and ghosting
  • Fixed obscure crash bug with some webcams
  • Fixed cat skin modding
  • Fixed sticky tutorial messages
  • Fixed laserpointer positioning for Twitch/camera menu
  • Fixed feedback form submission issues
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