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Outward Raises $5 Million for Immersive Visual Merchandising Platform

The company’s platform will allow customers to create VR and AR experiences for merchandising.

Today Outward Inc., a California-based company working on a merchandising solution for retailers has unveiled its 3D-based platform, enabling customers to create and manage photorealistic, interactive digital experiences across digital channels.

The platform will allow companies who use Outward to deploy collaborative space planning tools or immersive experiences using virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR) for their customers, whilst helping the firms “future-proof” their merchandising efforts.

“We have created an end-to-end visual capability that mitigates the need to rely on photography alone, and helps maximize our customers’ digital marketing to thrive in this new environment,” says Clarence Chui, Co-founder & CEO of Outward, Inc. “A new model today’s world needed. Budgets haven’t changed. Trucks haven’t changed. But expectations at the customer end of the chain have been changing for years, and manufacturers now have the ability to create nearly anything. We’ve figured out how to bridge that gap between manufacturing and merchandising, while delivering consistent retail experiences no matter where consumers engage with the brand.”

Outward Logo

Outward has been operating in stealth mode since its founding in 2012, and in its most recent Series B funding round raised $5 million USD from existing investor Merus Capital, bringing the total capital the company’s raised to $12 million to date.

“The outstanding team led by Clarence Chui and Gaurav Sethi is 100% ‘digitizing reality,’ taking e-commerce to a whole new level,” says Peter Hsing, Managing Director at Merus Capital and an Outward board member, “They’re enabling transformative e-commerce experiences for their customers. It’s ‘real software solving real problems.'”

“We’re seeing conversion rates get significant lifts for our customers,” says Outward’s Co-founder Gaurav Sethi. “It’s still early, but we’re hearing that the difference between not using our interactive experiences and using it yields about a 30% revenue gain in some cases — that’s 30% in a world where a few percent is a huge deal.”

As brands utilise Outward for VR or AR purposes VRFocus will keep you updated.

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