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Rank17 Reveal 2017 Lineup Of Titles

Super Pixel Smash, Monster Crush Online and Planetary Punchout are all due this year.

It’s always nice to see new virtual reality (VR) titles heading our way, what can be expected in 2017 though is of course something of a mystery still at this stage of the year. Today though Rank17 – the studio behind BladeShield – has announced most of its lineup for 2017, with three titles now confirmed.

To start with there’s the retro-themed Super Pixel Smash (scheduled for launch this month), then there’s monster sim Monster Crush Online followed by sci-fi boxing sports game Planetary Punchout, the latter two are still working titles. Rank17 does have a fourth unnamed VR videogame in development which is a sniper-focused first-person shooter (FPS).

Super Pixel Smash screenshot

Super Pixel Smash has players wielding paddles to hit balls at targets on an opposite wall, with the aim to race against the clock to secure a high score. The walls feature panels of power-ups to unlock multipliers, multiballs, charged shots and more. There’s also ‘death panels’ which need to be avoided at all costs.

Ever wanted to be a giant monster and destroy stuff, well with Monster Crush Online players can do just that. Choosing between four creatures; Carl Cthulhu, Demon Dave, Gorzilla Greg, and Randy Rockford, players then head out into cities and lay them to waste. In multiplayer, friends can either compete against each other or select co-op for some team mayhem.

While Planetary Punchout takes boxing to an intergalactic level, with players facing off against all sorts of alien creatures. Each race has developed unique fighting styles which need to be learned and mastered to beat.

“This is shaping up to be a standout year for Rank17. After building on the positive reception of our previous games – including the well-received BladeShield – we’re charging full speed ahead with a new generation of ‘pick up and play’ VR titles,” says Steve Iverson, Studio Head, Rank17. “Breakout fans will find much to love in the nostalgic Super Pixel Smash. I’m sure that even meekest among us would be up for some city stomping fun in Monster Crush Online. Boxing is already fun, but punching aliens in face in Planetary Punchout is even better. Finally, FPS fans will soon get the VR game they always wanted in our upcoming sniper game. There’s much more to come throughout 2017!”

VRFocus will continue its coverage of Rank17, reporting back with any further announcements.

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