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Record and Sharing Your VR Reactions with Zeality’s Re/Lives Feature

Share your reactions to the latest 360-degree videos.

Last year virtual reality (VR) ecosystem Zeality launched on Android and iOS platforms, with the aim to provide immersive content, social engagement, and commerce in one package. Now the company has introduced a new feature called Re/Lives – also known as reaction videos – designed to deliver a way to record and share users viewing experiences within 360-degree video.

Looking to provide a way to enhance and encourage social sharing for VR experiences, Zeality Re/Lives uses the front-facing camera and microphone on a consumer mobile device to catalogue a users gyroscopic and ‘pinch and swipe’ movement to record, navigate and narrate their ‘point-of-view’ or ‘reaction’ within the 360-degree video.

zeality screen

“90% of a virtual reality video goes completely unexplored,” said Dipak M. Patel, Co-Founder and CEO at Zeality.  “By allowing users the ability to record and share their experience in VR is an important breakthrough for the development and growth of VR as a medium. Not only will influencers, creators and users will be encouraged to leverage their talents and better satisfy a growing VR market that is hungry for engaging content, but it will also allow for pull-through for immersive media content.

“We’re combining social interactivity with VR and the concept of sharing each individual’s VR experience with other people in real-time,” Patel adds.  “With over 28 million consumers of 360°, VR content in the world today, users want the option to share their experience with others.”

The feature does not require any additional hardware or plugins, Re/Lives has been built into the Zeality app.

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