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Sublevel Zero

Sigtrap Games: ‘We Don’t See Ourselves As Exclusively A VR Studio’

“We want to do things in VR that you can’t do otherwise.”

They might be the developers behind Sublevel Zero and they may have other virtual reality (VR) projects planned, but that certainly doesn’t mean VR is the only route that Sigtrap Games plan to go; according to an interview to be published later this week on VRFocus in which we spoke to studio Co-Founder Luke Thompson. In fact whilst they are best known for a VR title that’s not how the studio would necessarily like you to think of them.

Sigtrap Games Luke Thompson

“We don’t see ourselves as an exclusively VR studio but, at the moment, the gameplay ideas that we want to explore are in VR; and ultimately, the reason for that is, what I was saying about not knowing what it is yet that VR can do that other mediums can’t. And that’s what we want to do!”  Explains Thompson in the interview. Agreeing that VR’s freedom of creativity is the big draw for them as things stand. “We want to do things in VR that you can’t do otherwise.”

Sublevel Zero, a procedurally generated six-degree-of-freedom shooter inspired by classic titles such as Descent and Forsaken was released as Sigtrap Games’ debut title back in October 2015 with current Beta support for both the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. The first-person experience gives would-be pilots control of a gunship flying around on its own through randomly generated levels set in an mysterious underground facility. Encountering enemies and gathering keys to unlock new pathways.

The interview, conducted at December’s Develop:VR, also discusses the issues of sim-sickness in VR and Thompson’s personal hopes for what 2017 will bring to the industry. It will be released later this week.

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