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Private Eye - Desk Scene

Slacker Games Release First Trailer for Private Eye: Escape

Checkout the first trailer for the psychological thriller.

Its been a while since VRFocus reported on British indie studio Slacker Games and its virtual reality (VR) title Private Eye. The teams last blog post was in 2015, but last year did see several short videos appear showcasing the projects progress. Today the studio has revealed its latest trailer, detailing a far more polished video game as well as revealing it’ll be episodic.

If you’ve not heard of the project before, Private Eye is described as a ‘neo-noir, psychological thriller. Players are cast as a promising detective who’s involved in a car accident. Consigned to a wheelchair and suffering from retrograde amnesia, players need to solve a series of murders that unravels a story across the decades.

Private Eye Escape screenshot

The trailer sets the scene for the first episode Private Eye: Escape. Slacker Games’ video is a dark introduction to this thriller videogame, starting off with the protagonist being wheeled into hospital after the accident. The footage then swaps between the detective being brought through and snippets of the title’s gameplay aspects, looking for clues, finding various items to aid the investigation and more.

Originally Private Eye was going to be an Oculus Rift title, but as further headsets have been released and VR technology’s improved the studio’s expanded on its original support. Private Eye: Escape will now support Oculus Touch, HTC Vive and PlayStation VR.

No details have been released on when Slacker Games plan to launch Private Eye: Escape, but when it does VRFocus will let you know.

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