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Super Pixel Smash screenshot 1

Super Pixel Smash Gets HTC Vive Release Date

It’ll have a 40% discount for the first week.

A few days ago VRFocus reported on Rank17 unveiling its lineup of virtual reality (VR) video games for this year. It confirmed at least three titles for 2017, one of them being Super Pixel Smash. Now the studio has specified a release date for HTC Vive, along with a limited time discount. 

Super Pixel Smash is a fast paced sports title where players have to hit a Digital Energy Orb into a destructible wall whilst chaining combos together. To do this they’ll have two pieces of equipment, a Pixel Paddle to whack the orb and a Gravity Gauntlet. For the best combos players will need to maintain the orb’s momentum, if they don’t the gauntlet can then be used to retrieve the orb.

Super Pixel Smash screenshot

A purely single-player experience, Super Pixel Smash has a variety of bonus panels built into the destructible wall, aiding players trying to achieve highscores. These include point multipliers, orb multipliers, and speed boosts. Charged shots are also available, enabling multiple sections of the wall to be destroyed in one hit. There’s also ‘death panels’ which need to be avoided at all costs.

With a retro 80’s style Super Pixel Smash will launch on 25th January. For the first week of sale it’ll have a 40 percent discount available, dropping the price from $7.99 USD down to $4.79.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of Rank17, reporting back with further VR updates.

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