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Tabletop Titles to be Main Focus of New VR Studio Experiment 7

Communal play experiences will be the main backbone of the new studio.

Developers have experimented with all sorts of genres when examining what works and what doesn’t in virtual reality (VR). One style of videogame that’s proved to be popular is tabletop gaming – recreating classic board games in VR – with titles such a Tabletop Simulator for HTC Vive getting very positive feedback. This week a new studio has come into the fold, looking to specialise in this segment of the market, under the name Experiment 7.

As revealed by GamesIndustry.biz, Experiment 7 has been formed by EEDAR co-founder Geoffrey Zatkin (Creative Director) and Demetri Detsaridis (GM) who was previously GM at Zynga New York GM. While Coray Seifert – former executive producer at Impeller Studios – joins the studio as director of production.

Magic Table Chess

Experiment 7 has already released its initial tabletop experience Magic Table Chess as the first instalment in the Magic Table series, on both Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Rift for free. “We built Magic Table as a platform for our own games, but eventually want other developers to be able to release Magic Table games as well,” said Detsaridis. “Players on the platform can challenge real-world friends, other VR users from around the world, or face our custom AI opponents in a variety of tabletop games set in stunning and customisable rooms. You can even play and chat with users on completely different VR hardware.”

While Zatkin reveals the bigger picture for the studio: “VR is a brand-new digital entertainment medium, and at Experiment 7, we’re using it to bridge the gap between social presence and video game play experience. In our opinion, one of the things VR was made for is communal play experiences. But it isn’t just chess-what we’re going after is bigger. We’re making a series of beautiful environments where you can meet up with your friends from around the world. In the middle of each of these environments is a ‘Magic Table’ that can spawn any number of games that are played on tables… The overall concept is simple: Join your friends in beautiful virtual settings, select a game to play, watch the game materialize on the Magic Table, and play it together.This is exactly what VR was made for.”

It’s still early days for Experiment 7 and its plans for tabletop VR gaming, so check back with VRFocus for further updates on the developer.

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