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TECHNOLUST screenshot

TECHNOLUST Oculus Touch Update Coming ‘Within the Next Week’

Technolust: Extended Format update to be free to early adopters, PlayStation VR port also on-the-cards.

IRIS VR’s TECHNOLUST has been a mainstay of the early adopter virtual reality (VR) audience since the success of its Kickstarter campaign back in 2014. In that time, the development team has launched the videogame on both Oculus Rift and HTC Vive and announced the launch of a major content update, designed for motion-controller input, now set to arrive ‘within the next week’.

TECHNOLUST screenshot

The new content will act as an expansion to the existing campaign, standing alongside from the core experience under the name ‘Technolust: Extended Format’. Oculus Rift owners who have already purchased Oculus Touch should have the motion-controllers connected when launching the videogame as TECHNOLUST will automatically detect their presence.

“There’s content in the expansion that is only accessible with Touch, from the extended story to a new Roadrash like motorcycle game,” states Blair Renaud, CEO of IRIS VR, when talking with VRFocus. “The original story has been updated a bit, but you’re only getting part of the story if you play with a gamepad. Besides, nothing beats walking down the street holding a ghetto blaster to your ear and swatting flies.”

Renaud revealed to VRFocus that Technolust: Extended Format will launch within the next week and will be available for free to all existing owners of TECHNOLUST. Those who purchase the videogame after the release of Technolust: Extended Format will receive all existing content for $24.99 USD.

TECHNOLUST screenshot

In addition to these details, Renaud revealed future potential for Technolust: Extended Format, discussing the exclusivity of the videogame: “Currently it’s exclusive to Oculus Home, but if reaction is good, I have plans to port to PlayStation 4.”

VRFocus has been hands-on with Technolust: Extended Format and will bring you a detailed preview in the very near future, as well as keeping you updated with that potential PlayStation VR port.

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