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“The opportunities for VR in auto are endless” States izmocars Founder

The company’s izmoVR platform will be showcased at NADA.

In November last year VRFocus reported on izmocars – a provider of automotive retail solutions for dealerships –  creating its own virtual reality (VR) solution, izmoVR. Next week the company will be heading to the National Automotive Dealer’s Association (NADA) Conference in New Orleans, where it’ll be showcasing its solution whilst discussing the ‘endless’ opportunities of VR.

“It’s no longer a question of ‘how’ the auto industry will use virtual reality in showrooms, but rather ‘how soon,'” said Tej Soni, Founder of izmocars in a statement. “Just like in the early days of app development for the iPhone, the technology is available now, but the content coming from most providers has yet to catch up.”


izmoVR works as a sales tool for car dealers, using the technology the company has developed drivers are able to experience what the car is like and get information about features that are not possible in a traditional demo. For instance, during a test drive, air bags are an unseen, but important, safety feature that can be brought to life within the VR presentation. NADA attendees who sign up for a demo of izmoVR will don an Oculus headset, select their favourite of the virtual vehicles, add accessories, change colours, and of course, inspect the vehicle inside and out as if they were in an actual showroom.

“This year we’re really focusing on showing the industry everything you can do with virtual reality. Drivers will be able to change vehicle accessories to find the right look, determine key factors like trunk space and safety features, and take a virtual ride. The opportunities for VR in auto are endless,” said Soni.

The izmoVR platform also gives izmocars the ability to rapidly deliver VR products for OEMs, dealers, advertising agencies, and others. The NADA convention runs from 26th-29th January, 2017.

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