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Tour The San Francisco Shipyard with Transparent House’s VR App

Checkout the construction project before its finished.

The use of virtual reality (VR) in housing and real estate is becoming more prominent as construction companies or planners look to showcase future plans and layouts in a far more immersive setting. This is why creative studio Transparent House was brought on board for The San Francisco Shipyard, one of the largest urban developments on the West Coast. Quite often VR experiences relating to work in progress construction takes place in a location near to the site, but Transparent House has made this publicly available. 

The San Francisco Shipyard covers 760 acres, with the aim to deliver 12,100 homes with a mix of affordable and market-rate apartments, townhomes and condominiums. With The SF Shipyard VR Tour, viewers can tour a condominium flat, seeing what the finished location will look like. The experience can be download for mobile head-mounted displays (HMDs) like Google Cardboard for Android or iOS platforms.

“People are really starting to understand the power of VR to allow us to experience different realities from anywhere, and even interact with them – for example, to change what we see,” said TH president Denis Krylov. “The VR Tour app for The SF Shipyard is a great example of how game engines and other technologies can be used to immerse potential buyers and engage with them in ways that build very strong perceptions.”

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Transparent House also developed a second app, highlighting the history of the area. “Thanks to Transparent House’s ‘Past and Future VR Experience’ app, our community members, investors and prospective residents and tenants can easily step into the past to see, hear and feel what it was like to be on an active Navy Base in the 1940s during World War II,” said Sheryl McKibben, vice president of community operations for the FivePoint Northern California office. “Then, they can seamlessly transition to the future of The SF Shipyard, and experience the vibrant community of San Franciscans living, working and playing in this bustling neighborhood.”

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