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Virtualitics Closes £3 Million Funding Round, Launches VR/AR Platform for Big Data Analytics

Big data can become easier to comprehend with VR.

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) data analytics startup, Virtualitics, has announced the closure of a $3 million USD investment round, as well as launching a closed beta for its data visualisation platform.

The Virtualitics platform combines VR and AR data visualisation with artificial intelligence to provide insights and discover actionable knowledge hidden in big and complex data.

Based on over a decade of research at Caltech and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), the company was founded by professor George Djorgovski, the founding director of Caltech’s Center for Data-Driven Discovery; Michael Amori, former Deutsche Bank managing director, Harvard MBA and Caltech alumnus; Dr. Ciro Donalek, computational scientist at Caltech; and Dr. Scott Davidoff, manager of the Human Interfaces Group at NASA’s JPL.

Virtualitics - header

Suitable for both data scientists and non-expert users alike, Virtualitics, combines VR/AR with machine learning and natural language, providing smart mapping that summarizes the key patterns and relationships present in the data.

“Big Data is worthless if we cannot extract actionable knowledge from it,” said Amori, CEO of Virtualitics. “Visualization can reveal the knowledge hidden in data, but traditional 2-D and 3-D data visualizations are inadequate for large and complex data sets. Our solution is to visualize as many as 10 dimensions in VR/AR all via a Shared Virtual Office, which allows even untrained users to spot patterns in data that can give companies a competitive edge.”

While Dr. Donalek, CTO of Virtualitics and a machine learning and VR expert commented: “In recent years, machine learning has helped to solve complex scientific and business problems; adding VR and immersive collaborative environments will increase even further our ability to understand data.”

“We’ve long noted the benefits of VR/AR for some of the most complex initiatives we’ve undertaken at NASA,” said Dr. Davidoff, a leading expert in AR and manager of the team that created a “Virtual Mars” for NASA. “This technology also has the potential to change the way the business world thinks about, views and harnesses the potential of Big Data.”

“Companies around the world are struggling to harness the power of Big and Small, but complex, Data. They are also investing heavily in key talent, analysts and data scientists, because they want to provide the best tools to collaborate and identify patterns that will impact the bottom line,” said Andy Walter, strategic advisor to Virtualitics. “Virtualitics has been able to create the virtual office of the future, which will allow even the largest, most complex global companies to easily find and share patterns that could significantly improve the way they do business.”

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