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VR Benchmarking Software VRScore Launched by Basemark

A consumer version will launch later this year.

For those building or updating their PC’s to meet virtual reality (VR) standards the easiest figures to look for are the manufacturers minimum specifications. While these are a good starting point, if you really want to know if your rig is up to scratch then some VR benchmarking software is required. Today Basemark has launched VRScore PC to handle just that situation.  

A VR benchmark with DirectX 12 support, VRScore PC users evaluate how their computer performs by measuring PC and head-mounted display (HMD) rendering performance and latency. A joint project between Basemark and Crytek, VRScore has been developed using Crytek’s CRYEngine technology and Basemark’s performance measurement framework, utilising real-world game engine and real-world game programming techniques.

“Evaluating how good a VR system is, can only be done by keeping tabs on the latency because people notice even the smallest of delays between what’s displayed on the screen and what the brain expects. If there’s a disconnect, most people report they get nauseated or worse.” Said Jon Peddie, President and founder of Jon Peddie Research. “We are very excited to finally receive a robust tool for measuring latency in the form of Basemark’s VRScore and VRTrek. This enables the industry to set standards and achieve ever better functioning VR systems.”

To accurately measure the latency of HMD’s Basemark created a patent pending measurement tool called VRTrek, testing parameters like dropped frames, duplicate frames and photon latency.

Currently VRScore PC is available in three versions, Media, Corporate and Corporate Premium, each one offering further functionality. Coming in Q2 2017 will be a free version and Professional. The Free version is for home or private use, offering the ability to test and evaluate users VR systems, while Professional adds customized testing providing some detailed information and breakdown analysis data.

VRScore PC also supports DirectX 11, thereby enabling more wide ranging comparisons with PCs and HMDs that do not support DirectX 12.

For any further VRScore PC updates, keep reading VRFocus.

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