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All the Delicate Duplicates Launches Today, VR Support Still to Come

Checkout the brand new launch trailer.

Today Andy Campbell and Mez Breeze have launched their long awaited videogame All the Delicate Duplicates. A surreal single-player narrative, the title has initially arrived for PC with plans for a virtual reality (VR) version later in 2017. 

All The Delicate Duplicates story focuses on a computer engineer, John, and his daughter Charlotte. After inheriting a collection of weird objects from a mysterious relative, that neither of them can remember, the pair start to believe that the objects might be transforming their realities and memories, and begin to piece together the disturbing truth behind ‘Aunt Mo’.

All the Delicate Duplicates_screenshot 1

A central part of All The Delicate Duplicates is the non-linear language, a poetic, hybrid language Mezangelle. It remixes the basic structure of English and computer code to create language where meanings are nestled inside each other, meaning players have to read; then re-read; then re-re-read in order to unlock the story.

To compliment the launch the team has released a new trailer, showcasing the weird and abstract world that awaits players. No specific date has yet been set for the VR version or which headsets will definitely feature support.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of All The Delicate Duplicates, reporting back with the VR updates as we get them.

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