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Bandit Six Comes to Daydream, Bandit Six: Salvo Due Next Week

Bandit Six: Salvo arrives on the 23rd February.

Since it’s launch back in November, Google’s Daydream View hasn’t exactly been inundated with loads of videogames. Some noteworthy titles include InMind 2, The Arcslinger, VR Karts: Sprint, Bait!Hunters Gate and Danger Goat. Owners looking for more content should be a bit happier this week as Climax Studios has launched shooter Bandit Six, with its sequel Bandit Six: Salvo arriving next week.  

Both titles originally launched on Samsung Gear VR back in 2015, with Bandit Six putting players in the tail guns of a World War 2 bomber fending off swarms of attacking fighters as they close in for the kill. Bandit Six: Salvo adapted that idea further, instead of a turret inside a bomber, players operate various ground weapons including machine guns, cannons and mortars that overlook locations such as beaches and war torn city streets. They select which positions will have what weapon and then man them to take on a onslaught of different enemy types, from enemy bombers and helicopters to landing craft, tanks, jeeps and more.


“We are a big supporter of Daydream and believe it will continue to push our industry forward toward mass consumer adoption. We have already seen great success with our first Daydream release, Hunters Gate, and are excited to see the public’s reaction to our next two titles,” says Simon Gardner, CEO of Climax Studios.

Bandit Six is available now on the Google Play Store for £2.99 GBP/$2.99 USD/3.49 EUR. Bandit Six: Salvo arrives on the 23rd February and is a free to try title. Players will be able to download and experience the first 3 levels for free, with the full game unlock available for £2.49/$2.99/3.49 euro.

For any further updates from Climax Studios, keep reading VRFocus.

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