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Samurai Sword VR screenshot

Become a Samurai on HTC Vive

Degica Games’ VR debut arrives with Samurai Sword VR.

Tokyo-based Degica Games has today launched its first virtual reality (VR) videogame, Samurai Sword VR. As the name implies, Samurai Sword VR is a sword-based action videogame, but there’s more to it than just hacking-and-slashing.

Samurai Sword VR screenshot 1

Samurai Sword VR puts players sword-fighting skills to the test in seven stages representing different environments from ancient Japan. Players will be able to acquire flame and lightning effects for their katana as they progress, as well as engaging in additional challenges such as kunai and shuriken levels, as well as a boss battle in a Japanese castle.

Playable on the HTC Vive, Samurai Sword VR is compatible with roomscale technology but can also be seated. Samurai Sword VR does not currently support other head-mounted displays (HMDs), however Degica Games hasn’t ruled out the possibility of ports to other formats in the future.

Available via Steam now, Samurai Sword VR benefits from a launch-window discount of 20%. Degica Games’ VR debut is priced at £5.59 GBP until 6th February 2017, when the price will increase to £6.99. VRFocus will keep you updated with any future additions to Samurai Sword VR and other VR titles from Degica Games.

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