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BluAtomVR Launches Kickstarter for Wireless VR Vest and Gun Controller

BluAtomVR campaign is looking to raise $25,000.

Virtual reality (VR) is about getting players into the experience, making them feel as if they’re actually in these amazing virtual worlds developers create. Aiming to aid that immersion even further is California-based company BluAtomVR, launching a Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign for a wireless VR vest and gun controller system.

A fully self-contained system that’s designed to work with head-mounted displays (HMDs) like Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PlayStation VR, the BluAtomVR campaign is looking to raise $25,000 USD to support the project.


The vest includes a range of functions such as haptics and motion sensing. There are 12 vibration actuators in the vest, split between six on the front and six on the back, while the motion sensors are able to provide forwards, backwards and left/right turning motions simply by leaning in the required direction. Controls can also be customised and saved on swappable RFID tags. While the gun features a dual trigger system and standard gaming buttons on top.

For those interested in backing the campaign there are a range of options available depending on the rewards that most interest you. To get just the BluAtom Gun Controller you need to pledge $129 USD, while its $229 for the Vest. Really you’d want both with an super early bird kit available for $239 (limited to 50). Once that tier has sold out the price climbs to $265 for the early bird then to $287 for the standard price.

“Our Virtual Reality Motion Control System provides the gamer with a more organic, intuitive gameplay,” said Steve Kearsley, CEO of BluAtom. “With our system, you can let your body create the movements within the game.”

For further updates on BluAtomVR’s Kickstarter campaign, keep reading VRFocus.

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