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Blueprint Reality’s MixCast VR Arrives to Simplify Mixed Reality Production

Create your own MR video for VR projects.

It’s becoming increasing commonplace for virtual reality (VR) developers to utilise mixed reality (MR) in their videos. The method allows viewers to actually watch someone play a VR experience, giving a better understanding of the final product. Today Canadian videogame and VR tool developer Blueprint Reality has released MixCast VR, a suite of tools designed to make the creation and distribution of MR videos easy.

A lot of current systems for creating MR videos require multiple applications which can be time consuming to setup. Blueprint Reality’s MixCast VR looks to simplify the process with a one time setup. Developers can add support for MixCast VR with a free drag and drop SDK for Unity, allowing users to showcase their experience.

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Working with a range of camera equipment, from cheap off-the-shelf webcams to high-end video cameras, MixCast VR includes chroma calibration to key out background colours – normally green screen but it can work with others.

“Mixed reality is the best way to communicate what’s happening inside the virtual world via traditional 2D broadcast media,” said Ben Sheftel, CTO of Blueprint Reality in a statement. “Our goal with MixCast VR is to provide an intuitive system for developers, designers, reviewers, presenters, educators, and other end-users to share and broadcast in a simple yet powerful way.”

If you’re interested in creating your own MR video, the MixCast VR Studio software is available on Steam or via the company’s website for £6.99 GBP/$9.99 USD per month or £14.99/$19.99 for a three month subscription. The MixCast VR SDK  can also be found on Blueprint Reality’s website.

For any further updates from Blueprint Reality keep reading VRFocus.

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