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Build Your Model Cars with Monzo VR for Oculus Rift & Gear VR

Not just cars, bikes, dinosaurs, helicopters and more.

If you like designing and building stuff virtual reality (VR) developers have got you covered. There are a range artistic and creativity focused applications out there across most of the head-mounted displays (HMDs), stuff like Tilt Brush, Modbox, SculptrVR, Medium, Quill and more. While these apps offer unlimited design options, MADFINGER Games has recently launched Monzo VR, catering to a different set of creators, the model makers.

Featuring over 30 model making kits Monzo VR covers a wealth of designs, from dinosaurs and ships to cars, helicopters and more. Just like normal model making kits users are given instructions on how to build each one, after which they can then add their own artistic flair with a range of colour options and decals to choose from.

Monzo VR - Build Anything

“Our friends at Oculus and Gear VR have given us an amazing environment to play in. People will be amazed at the ease and comfort created by the virtual environment. Combined with the power and flexibility of the Unity Engine we have a fantastic canvas to display our player’s dreams,” said Vojtech Jatel, MAD Lead Programmer.

Supporting both Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Rift – with additional Oculus Touch support – the mobile version retails for £4.99 GBP while the Rift version is £10.99. For any further updates from MADFINGER Games, keep reading VRFocus.

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