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AirMech Command - Touch & Vive

Carbon Games Adding Oculus Touch and HTC Vive Support to AirMech: Command

No date, just ‘coming soon’

An original launch title for Oculus Rift, Carbon Games’ AirMech: Command enabled early adopters to engage in real-time strategy (RTS) multiplayer, and has now confirmed that expanded support will becoming to Oculus Touch and HTC Vive.

Releasing a teaser trailer this week, the studio has kept details to a minimum, merely stating: “Available on Vive the same time as the Touch release, coming very soon!” So while its not clear when AirMech: Command will get motion controller support you can at least see what that involves.

AirMech Command - Touch & Vive_1

While most teaser trailers tend to reveal very little gameplay footage, generally going for cinematic cuts, Carbon Games went for pure gameplay footage showcasing what the added controller functionality will bring to the title. Units can be quickly selected, either individually or in groups, the entire game board can be spun around for the optimal viewpoint or zoomed in or out with a simple hand gesture. While these mechanics aren’t new for virtual reality (VR) it should certainly bring a new dynamic to the title.

AirMech: Command is a single-player, multiplayer and co-op experience with 13 maps to complete. There are nine AirMechs to unlock with over 60 cosmetic enhancements with which to personalise it with.

Carbon Games doesn’t state if the footage is from the HTC Vive or from the Oculus Touch build but as VRFocus continues its coverage of AirMech: Command, we’ll report back with any further updates.

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