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CCP Games Announce Sparc, A Sport Only Playable in VR

Eve Online developer CCP Games announces new IP – a sport only playable through VR

Developers of space MMO Eve Online, CCP Games have announced their first wholly original IP outside the EVE universe. They have revealed that they are working on Sparc, a sport only possible through virtual reality (VR).

The videogame is expected to be released on Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PlayStation VR and is currently expected to be released sometime in 2017. The gameplay involves using motion controllers to throw projectiles at opponents from distance, while in turn defending themselves from incoming projectiles by dodging, blocking or reflecting. There are expected to be single-player modes as well as several multiplayer modes and a training mode.


CCP have also said there will be a means to spectate on matches and queue for more matches using Courtside, a free-form social area usable from within VR or on-screen. There will also be a range of customisation and personalisation options available.

“After our early experiments with standing VR gameplay, we were excited by the idea of building an original sport designed for the current generation of VR hardware. We’ve designed Sparc so that players can express and improve their skill through their physical actions.” said Morgan Godat, Executive Producer at CCP Atlanta. “Ultimately, we want players to think of Sparc as a virtual court in their living room where they can meet and compete with other players from around the world.”

Hilmar Veigar Pétursson, CEO of CCP Games added; “At CCP games, our goal is to harness our passion for virtual reality as a new medium and create the killer apps for the first generation of VR technology. We set out to achieve that in mobile VR with Gunjack and in seated VR with EVE: Valkyrie, both released in the first year of VR becoming publicly available. With Sparc, we want to capitalize on the unique strengths of standing VR and deliver a game with all the depth and excitement to keep players returning long into the future.”

For further details about Sparc you can visit the official websiteVRFocus will, of course, keep you up to date with further news on Sparc and CCP.

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