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CCP Games Offers EVE: Valkyrie Steam Codes to Oculus Rift Customers

There’s only a limited window of availability.

When Oculus Rift launched back in March last year one of its standout titles for day one was EVE: Valkyrie from CCP Games. Only available through Oculus Home, EVE: Valkyrie then came to Steam in November, bringing with it support for HTC Vive and cross-platform functionality. But some Rift players wanted to access the title through Steam which would have meant purchasing another copy, today CCP Games has addressed the issue.

In a blog posting on Eve: Valkyrie’s community forums the studio has said the following: “We’ve had several requests from our existing Oculus Rift pilots who would like to be able to play EVE: Valkyrie via Steam. We’ve been working on a solution to this and I’m happy to confirm that we are in a position to provide complimentary Steam keys to owners of EVE: Valkyrie on Oculus Rift who got the game for that platform and created a pilot before we launched the game on HTC Vive/Steam (17 November, 2016).”

EVE Valkyrie_wormholetubelaunch

But players do need to be quick as it’s a limited time offer. Valid for 30 days beginning 23 February, 2017 until 24th March, 2017, eligible customers will need to contact the customer support team with proof of the original purchase.

While this may be beneficial to some players this offer does come with a caveat, “Players will not be able to play via Steam using their existing Oculus pilots. The code allows players to redeem the game through Steam and create a completely new character. We will not be able to transfer any assets (silver, gold, loadouts etc) from existing accounts,” states the terms and conditions. Adding: “Players’ callsigns will automatically be generated based on their Steam public profile names. This will not be able to be changed.” So if you’ve spent many an hour engaged in EVE: Valkyrie warfare you might not want to start all over again.

Last week CCP Games launched the next major update for the space combat multiplayer, Wormholes. This brought new gameplay modes and a new Leagues alpha feature to battle through.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of EVE: Valkyrie, reporting back with the latest updates.

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