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Create Cutscenes and Trailers Using the VRCameraman Unity Tool

Want to record a cool trailer for your VR title, this might be what you need.

So you’ve downloaded Unity, one of the biggest videogame development engines in the world, used by tons of virtual reality (VR) developers to create the latest experiences. And you’ve made your new title and want to showcase it. You can release some screenshots to spark some interest, but one of the best ways of gaining attention is with an impressive video, whether a teaser trailer or something more elaborate. If you’ve been using Unity’s EditorVR, then one way to do this would be to use a plugin like the recently released VRCameraman.

Created by Abyssal Arts Ltd. and GSProductions Ltd., VRCameraman enables developers to enter game worlds to create and record camera shots like a real-world cameraman. Using the tool anyone with a HTC Vive can capture and play with camera angles, movement, and animation through direct, physical control of the camera in VR.

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Camera control ranges from hand-held shots through to setting up waypoints for the camera to move between to create dolly, crane, and other complex camera movements. Due to the ease of placing objects in VR with the Vive controllers setting up cameras becomes a more straight forward process, helping reduce the amount of hours involved.

VRCameraman outputs content as native Unity animation files, allowing every shot to be adjusted with Unity’s built-in tools or any other plugin compatible with Unity’s native animation files.

You’ll find VRCameraman on the Unity asset store for $25 USD. For the latest VR developments on Unity, keep reading VRFocus.

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