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Epic Games Discusses Robo Recall’s Bullet Train Evolution in New Dev Diary

Get some more behind-the-scenes info on the upcoming shooter.

Due to arrive in early 2017, Epic Games’ first fully fledged virtual reality (VR) title Robo Recall debuted only a few months ago at Oculus Connect 3 (OC3). Exclusive to Oculus Touch, the first-person shooter builds on the lessons learnt from Bullet Train, a tech demo unveiled at OC2, and today the team discuss this evolution in a new dev diary.

In this latest video the studio looks at the development from the perspective of Unreal Engine 4, the in-house middleware that Epic Games has built. The company has made very specific improvements to the engine to assist VR developers using the engine, and this shows in the difference between Bullet Train and Robo Recall.

One change between the two is the visual fidelity. For Bullet Train the studio used temporal anti-aliasing to create a softer image, while in Robo Recall the team used a simplified forward render to ensure as greater clarity as possible.

This is the third video in the series with previous releases talking about the ‘arcade action feel‘ and the ‘narrative & backstory’. VRFocus has been following the progress of Robo Recall closely, previewing the experience and talking to the team about its development.

For any further Robo Recall updates, keep reading VRFocus.

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