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Esper Dev Reveals Next Gear VR Title Augmented Empire

It’ll launch later this year.

Today UK-based virtual reality (VR) developer Coatsink Software – the studio behind popular series Esper and Esper 2, as well as Gang Beasts – has announced it’s latest title, Augmented Empire. 

Going for a tactical role-playing game (RPG) this time around, Augmented Empire takes players to an isolated neo-noir city, set on an island called New Savannah. This futuristic metropolis has a society divided into three tiers by the ‘Citizen Grade System’, with citizens deemed of high value to society live an opulent lifestyle at the soaring heights of the city, those seen as less savoury have to live their lives in the squalid depth’s.

Augmented Empire screenshot2 Augmented Empire features a simple and intuitive look-and-click control scheme, whereby players control a band of misfits though top-down worlds, putting them in cover, moving them to flanking positions, putting them in overwatch, or when the time is right, taking out enemy forces.

This plays out a an augmented reality (AR) diorama inside that players office. Away from the AR world, players will be able to interact with the office around them, investigating new developments, making calls, and developing the skills of their team.

An exclusive for Samsung Gear VR, Coatsink plans on releasing Augmented Reality later this year. For the latest updates on Coatsink Software developments, keep reading VRFocus.

Augmented Empire screenshot4 Augmented Empire screenshot3 Augmented Empire screenshot1

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