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Future of Immersive Leisure 2017 Sets Dates For Las Vegas Event

FOIL to bring VR discussion to Las Vegas in September.

2016 as you may recall was a pretty packed year, all things considered. There was a point in the summer where it seemed like there was no escape. The whole technology circus lurching from one gathering immediately on to the next. There was no break, no let up, just endless events. This in fairness was to partially be expected. 2016 was effectively virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality’s (AR’s) coming out ball. Two tech (not-quite) debutantes. Both were red hot topics and people wanted to discuss and learn. 2017 is not at that level of fullness yet, but we can add yet another event onto the rapidly bulging calendar. The good news in particular being that it looks like it could be a pretty significant one.

FOIL 2017

Produced by Rising Media, Inc., Future of Immersive Leisure 2017 (FOIL) is a two-day conference focusing on the business side of immersive technologies that will be found not only inside the home (games and other entertainment) but how it will affect the bigger picture outside of it. From entertainment methods to educational. Looking at not just how they will work but also how they will work with each other and the commercial opportunities.

No speakers for the event have yet been announced. However FOIL, which will be held across September 13th-14th, 2017 and  in the world famous Mandalay Bay hotel in Las Vegas will be covering topics  The full list of tech topics according to the website includes:

  • VR Arcades / Parks
    • Amusement Attractions
    • Family Entertainment Centers
    • Cyber Game Centers
    • Amusement Arcade Operators
    • Theme Parks & Leisure Centers
  • (Home) Video Games
  • Museum & Planetarium
  • Movie Theater Business
  • Motion Picture Creation
  • Audio Video
  • Hardware and Software Development
  • Marketing and Promotion
  • Retail, Hospitality and Commerce.

VRFocus will be supporting the event as a media partner and we’ll be bringing you news and updates from the organisational team on the full schedule of talks and exhibitors as they are announced. in the meantime you can find out more information about the event here.


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