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Giraffic Partners with Byond on HD and 4K Live Streaming in VR

The companies will be demo the platform at MWC 2017.

While more and more immersive 360-degree content becomes available one underlying issue is that of resolution. Even with the latest 360 cameras producing up to 4K content, by the time it gets to users that resolution tends to be remarkably reduced. At the Mobile World Congress (MWC) this week in Barcelona, Spain, Giraffic, in partnership with Byond, will be introducing a new mobile VR video experience claiming to deliver flawless, uninterrupted HD and 4K immersive streaming in real-time.

As mainstream VR revolves around mobile and wireless networks, live steaming is at the mercy of network performance – namely congestions – and its unstable behaviour. As 360-degree video tends to generate on average 3 to 10 times higher bitrates, streaming high quality content can be a challenge. Giraffic, a specialist in Adaptive Video Acceleration (AVA) tech, together with Byond, a cloud-based VR development platform, have joined forces to solve the problem.



“When you’re experiencing your favorite team’s game in VR or taking a virtual roller-coaster ride, the last thing you want is that low-quality blurry image or buffering to bring you back to reality, because your internet speed suddenly dropped,” said Yoel Zanger, CEO of Giraffic.

“Byond platform empowers brands and media companies to seamlessly create VR experiences on their own without any coding skill requirements.” continues Zanger, “now with the integration of VR AVA, publishers will be able to deliver flawless life-like experiences whether for VOD or live streaming”.

“The video quality is more important than ever when using VR and it requires a mass amount of bandwidth,” added Byond CEO, Noam Levavi. “Getting these huge blocks of data and transferring them to any VR device at such a short time interval, is a great mission. We are thrilled to see such an amazing outcome using Giraffic AVA solution.”

AVA is available to mobile device manufacturers with device-side integration, with developer able to integrate an SDK into their apps. For the latest updates from Giraffic’s and Byond’s collaboration, keep reading VRFocus.

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