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Nullspace VR - Hardlight Suit

Hardlight VR Suit Kickstarter Launched, Already Over 50% Funded

You’ll need to pledge $499 if you want one.

For those that love virtual reality (VR) true immersion isn’t just about what you can see and hear, it’s about feedback, feeling the world the world around you. And for that you’ll need haptics, or more importantly a haptic suit. Last month Nullspace VR announced it would be launching a Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign for its Hardlight VR Suit, featuring haptics sensors and vibration nodes. The campaign has now gone live and already proving to be popular.

Looking to raise $80,000 USD over the next month, the first 24 hours saw the campaign raise just over $56,000. Featuring 16 haptic feedback zones aimed at targeting every muscle group across a players chest, abdomen, shoulders, or arms, the suit uses inertial trackers to track the limbs relative to the users headset.

Nullspace VR - Hardlight Suit_1

Backing tiers start from $5 to help the campaign but if you want to secure a suit you’ll need to pledge $499 for the early bird offer. Once that’s run out the price jumps to $549, still saving money on the regular price of $620. For an additional $20 backers can also add a videogame bundle that includes Steam downloads of The Art of Fight and The Nest.

Initially conceived by students and members of the University of Rochester’s Robotics Club, Morgan Sinko (CEO), Lucian Copeland (COO) and Jordan Brooks (CTO), the Hardlight VR Suit has gone through several years of researching, testing and prototyping before getting to this stage.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of Nullspace VR, reporting back with the latest updates.

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