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HTC: ‘VR Is The Next Mass Medium’

Fantastic Contraption, Tilt Brush and more spotlighted by HTC’s Breen at Virtual Reality Evolution talk.

At Virtual Reality Evolution, an event taking place in London today, HTC’s Graham Breen, Program Manager EMEA Virtual Reality, hosted a session intended to cover the ‘business benefits of VR’. However, given the many opportunities that virtual reality (VR) affords, Breen couldn’t help but talk about the creative aspects of the medium, as well as gaming and social applications.

HTC Vive mixed image

“VR is the next mass medium,” states Breen, discussing the many aspects of VR. Breen’s talk covered videogames, business opportunities, telecommunications, retail, 3D design and storytelling, amongst other things, suggesting that VR isn’t a one-shot technology. “One of my biggest learnings over the past year is that VR is an incredible social experience. Mixed reality is a way of conveying that experience.”

Fantastic Contraption, Tiltbrush, Mindshow and more were highlighted as examples of entertainment in VR that many can relate to, with also Google Earth VR, The Brookhaven Experiment and Bjork’s 360 degree video content touched-upon. However, Breen highlighted one title in particular that he believes transcends the boundaries of VR as purely an entertainment product.

Everest VR doesn’t just show you the mountain, it takes you there,” offered Breen before showcasing a video of the experience. “It puts you in the scene and lets you believe you’re climbing there.”

Breen’s video heavy presentation did not reveal anything new from HTC, but did discuss the finer points of the forthcoming HTC Vive Tracker and the ways in which the partnership with Valve has resulted in videogaming being the leading part of VR in the short term. However, VR tourism and design – “Using VR as a practical tool,” – is becoming an integral part of the medium.

HTC will also be presented at Mobile World Congress (MWC), Barcelona, and the Game Developers Conference (GDC), San Francisco, later this month and VRFocus will be bringing you all the latest details direct from the shows.



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