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Hulu Rift - Avatars and Touch

Hulu Adds Support for Avatars and Rooms in Latest Update

Hulu becomes more social with its latest update.

At Oculus Connect 3 last year the company revealed several new social initiatives for Gear VR and Oculus Rift, namely Avatars and Rooms. Today Hulu has announced support for both features. 

At present Rooms has only been made available for Gear VR while Avatars can be used on both systems. Oculus created Rooms for users to hangout with friends, where they can watch TV like Hulu, listen to music and play mini-games with up to eight people. Another feature of Rooms is that users can gather round the app launcher and jump into another social app such as Dragon Front, Casino VR Poker, Ascension VR, Wands, Fusion Wars and more.

So Gear VR users can now jump into the Hulu app in Rooms with their friends and watch Hulu’s content together, including the entire library of premium 360 videos – for free and without a Hulu subscription. Those with Hulu subscriptions can also enjoy Hulu’s entire 2D library together in VR.

Hulu Gear VR - Rooms and Avatars

While Oculus Avatars are all about personal identity in its VR world. The feature enables users to customise their identities with a myriad of permutations, from textures and clothing, to accessories and more. The Hulu app also supports the Oculus Touch controllers so that users can use their virtual avatar hands to control the app and play with objects in the Hulu virtual environments while enjoying Hulu’s entire 2D library.

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