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Insta360 - Huawei Honor VR Camera

Insta360 Partners with Huawei on Honor VR Camera

The camera is modeled on the Android compatible Insta360 Air.

360-degree camera company Insta360 has partnered with Chinese smartphone manufacturer Huawei on a branded camera called Honor VR.

At an event in Beijing this week, Huawei announced it would release a clip-on 360-degree smartphone camera co-branded and developed by Insta360 as part of Huawei’s online-focussed Honor range.

Insta360 - Huawei Honor VR Camera

Modeled on the camera makers soon to be released Insta360 Air for Android smartphones, the Honor VR Camera will offer 3K photography and seamless 360-degree live-streaming as well as an app that’ll allow users capture, share and live-stream their 360-degree creations.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Huawei to grow the global community of 360-degree and VR creators,” said JK Liu, founder and CEO of Insta360. “Like us, Huawei is committed to reinventing photography, and they believe in our products as the best way to introduce users to the future of the camera.”

In 2016 Insta360 launched its first 360-degree camera, the Insta360 Nano for the iPhone 6 series. The device can be clipped onto the smartphone or used independently, with a built in battery and shutter release button.

And at CES 2017, Insta360 announced the Insta360 Pro, a six-lense professional camera boasting 360 video in up to 8K, as well as 3D video and high-definition livestreaming.

Huawei hasn’t yet confirmed a release date of the Honor VR Camera, when it does VRFocus will let you know.

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