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The Mages Tale screenshot 2

inXile Entertainment Unveils First Details of The Mage’s Tale for Oculus Touch

The first few screenshots have been released.

inXile Entertainment the developer behind role-playing games (RPGs) like Wasteland 2 and upcoming title The Bard’s Tale IVhas announced The Mage’s Tale, an action RPG for Oculus Touch.

Set in a fantasy world of mythical creatures and magic, The Mage’s Tale casts players as a wizards apprentice. Their master Mage Alguin has been kidnapped by the evil wizard, Gaufroi, and to save him they need to complete eleven dungeons. From the sewers of Skara Brae to the living tombs of evil Charm, there are puzzles, traps and all manner monsters that aim to put an end to the quest.

The Mages Tale screenshot 1

To succeed players will have to learn and master all manner of magical elements, from fire balls and javelins of ice, to lightning arcs and swirling vortexes. It’s not just about learning but also crafting, with powerful spell reagents to find and build even more exotic spells. Hidden within the walls of the dungeons are further secrets to be found, ancient lore to uncover and more.

“When I was a kid our dungeons consisted of playing Dungeons and Dragons on graph paper. From there I graduated to playing classic computer games in black and white like Wizardry, which inspired me to create a full colour dungeon crawl with Bard’s Tale. The window for the players kept getting bigger, the graphics more advanced, and now with The Mage’s Tale, we are inside the dungeon,” said Brian Fargo, CEO of inXile Entertainment.

Scheduled to launch later this year, checkout the other screenshots below. For further updates on The Mage’s Tale, keep reading VRFocus.

The Mages Tale screenshot 3 The Mages Tale screenshot 4 The Mages Tale screenshot 5

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