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Life In 360°: A Viral Strain

Li360 gets scientific with a 3D look at the infamous Zika virus.

GDC is creeping into view over the horizon, and that means plenty of news and revelations for all concerned. That means we can presumably expect this week to be a bit more heavy on the business and tech side than the gaming side of virtual reality (VR) as people hold off their announcements until the time comes. Save for the few parties who will no doubt

Baring all this in mind we naturally start off the week with that most exciting of things, disease!

Okay, perhaps that’s not the most exciting way to start the week but that’s the case. We’re in for a 360 degree degree scientific treat courtesy of Visual Science who have brought to life the Zika virus in 3D. You may well recall the Zika virus causing much alarm last year and in 2015 following a cross-continental outbreak. In fact it has been just over a year since the World Health Authority (WHO) declared Zika an international health emergency. Zika infection is believed, for it is actually not yet proven, to be the cause of reduced growth in the brain and skull resulting in a significantly shrunken head.

There are, at this time no vaccines for the Zika virus either. So this will be a problem for some time to come.

Watch below as Visual Science give you a rundown of how the viral strain operates and interacts within the body. VRFocus will be back on Wednesday for our second of three scheduled weekly visits to the world of 360 degree video. What will it be? Tune in then to find out.


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