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Oculus Research

Mark Zuckerberg Shows Sneak Peek into Oculus Research and some VR Gloves

The CEO tries out his web slinging skills.

While its rare for a company to show the public inside some of its most high-end development labs, Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg has done just that with a tour of the Oculus Research lab in Redmond, Washington.

In a Facebook post (of course) Zuckerberg showcased some of the latest developments Oculus scientists and engineers were working on, as they strived to advance virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technology.

Zuckerberg wrote in the post: “The team is led by Michael Abrash and focuses on things like advanced optics, eye tracking, mixed reality and new ways to map the human body. The goal is to make VR and AR what we all want it to be: glasses small enough to take anywhere, software that lets you experience anything, and technology that lets you interact with the virtual world just like you do with the physical one.”

Mark Zuckerberg VR gloves

From the images he posted one of the most interesting was this one above, highlighting VR gloves being developed. “We’re working on new ways to bring your hands in virtual and augmented reality. Wearing these gloves, you can draw, type on a virtual keyboard, and even shoot webs like Spider Man. That’s what I’m doing here, ” said Zuckerberg.

In the image below he notes: “When you manufacture really small pieces, you have to keep every surface clean to avoid defects. This clean room filters out particles 1000x smaller than a speck of dust.”

Oculus Research clean room

For this third image Zuckerberg comments: “We’ve built labs that let us quickly make new kinds of lenses and devices to push the boundaries of virtual and augmented reality. The includes a Diamond Turning Lab that cuts metal with a gemstone quality diamond, and this 5-axis CNC milling machine.”

Oculus Research Diamond Turning Lab

The images put a positive spin on what’s been a turbulent few months for the VR company, with the Zenimax lawsuit now at an end (barring appeals), and a new head being appointed, Oculus and Facebook will want to focus on the future and the possibilities VR and AR hold.

For further updates on Oculus, keep reading VRFocus.

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