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Stage Presence screenshot 1

Master the Art of Crowd Entertainment with Stage Presence for Rift, Vive and OSVR

It’s time to rock the mic, but watch out for projectiles.

You’ve dabbled at being a rockstar on videogames like Guitar Hero or Rock Band but what happens if it all goes wrong and your equipment fails. Launching next week for HTC Vive, OSVR and Oculus Rift is a karaoke come comedy/horror experience called Stage Presence, in which you must entertain the baying crowd without your trusty guitar.

Playing a massive rock concert players are the lead singer in a really unlucky band, having all their equipment break down as the show’s about to start. Luckily the mic still functions and as the frontman they’ll need to keep the crowd entertained with their voice and some weird and wonderful unlockables while the equipment gets fixed.

Stage Presence screenshot 2

The single-player campaign features a variety of crazy venues, from a moon base to a haunted cathedral. Players can unlock Mystery Pills, Smashable Guitars, The BASS DROP and much more to win over the crowd, if they don’t they’ll start getting heckled, then have bottles of piss flung their way, lasers shone in their eyes and even demons to contend with.

Stage Presence also includes a multiplayer mode which puts players into the crowd, letting them cheer on another gamer or make their life hell. Multiplayer features several game modes including Survival and Karaoke, and it also supports Twitch chat integration.

Developed by Sea Green Games and published by tinyBuild, Stage Presence was first appeared way back in 2014, then going on to launch a Steam Greenlight campaign in 2015. The following year tinyBuild announced it would be publishing the experience as its first ever VR title.

Set to launch via Steam next Tuesday, 28th March, checkout the pre-launch trailer below, and for further updates keep reading VRFocus.

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